Historic Preservation

"We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us." -Winston Churchill. Henry adams engineers are always honored to work on buildings that have shaped lives in ways we can only imagine. Whether a monument to a well respected patriot, a lockkeeper's house that oversaw the bustling C & O Canal in Washington, DC, an opulent theatre once the epicenter of both entertainment and fashion for Baltimore, an estate that was once touted as the largest private residence in the United States, or a campus building on the second oldest college in the US, Henry adams realizes that each historic preservation project is part of a storied past. Here at Henry adams we want to help you preserve that story. 

Our expert engineers have the experience in designing optimally controlled environments using the latest technology to control relative humidity and air temperature in order to safeguard both the structure and artifacts for future generations. Throughout our 125 years in engineering we have become adept at integrating and upgrading the mechanical and electrical systems with minimal impact to the structural fabric. When preservation is key you want a team that has the past experience with the proficiency to plan for the future. 

 Our work is routinely subject to reviews by planning commissions and other historic preservation agencies.