From Maine to Florida, Henry Adams is widely known for its capacity to design building systems for unique projects. We have forged long-standing relationships with our clients, often spanning decades. We can assemble a complete team of consultants, including architects, engineers, and specialists to handle any objective or complement a larger team with just our expertise.

We assist clients with planning, programming, initial concepts, and site investigations, as well as assessments and analysis. Our team is often called upon to transform concepts and ideas into complete permit and biddable construction documents for a construction contractor. We often perform full construction phase services and/or commissioning through completion of the project.

Henry Adams has complete capabilities to provide full construction documents consisting of drawings, specifications, and even contracts as needed for permitting and construction. Our basic Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform utilizes Autodesk REVIT. For basic Computer Aided Design (CAD) projects we use both Microstation and Autocad platforms.

We are constantly engaged as either Prime or Sub-consultant on a wide variety of contracting methods ranging from capital to IDIQ projects. We’ve participated in all types of construction delivery methods, from the traditional Design-Bid-Build arrangement where the design team and builder handle their specialties separately, to those that integrate the design and construction teams to varying degrees like Design-Build, CM-at-Risk, and those including Integrated Project Design.

Henry Adams is able to assist you in whatever manner you require to bring your project to fruition.