National Park Service, Arlington House

As part of a 5-year IDIQ contract with HNTB for the National Park Service, the main purpose of the project was to provide an appropriate fire suppression system and to maintain reasonable indoor air conditions in order to protect the integrity of the mansion and its exhibits. Henry Adams provided Title I and Title II services, including provision of an upgraded HVAC, electrical and fire protection system for the 150-year-old mansion overlooking the main entrance to Arlington National Cemetery. This project provided unique challenges in design due to the requirement that no electric motors can be housed within Arlington House. This drove the design team to provide a mechanical bunker tucked into a hill side located outside the historic landscape which housed a variable air volume air handling unit, gas fired boilers, split system chiller and fire pump. The air-handling unit provides cooled dehumidified or heated and humidified air to the house through underground ductwork distribution. This unit also serves two dependencies south of the main house.

Additional Information:

LocationArlington, VA
Construction Value $4,400,000
OwnerNational Park Service
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