Energy Services

Our professionals provide a wide range of energy services for MEP systems including: energy efficient design, energy modeling, life cycle cost analysis, facility equipment and metering surveys, metering plans and specifications, retro-commissioning, utility incentive program services, energy savings calculations, as well as measurement and verification. We use a variety of energy modeling software to evaluate baseline and projected systems, simulations, and evaluations for code compliance. Our experts have designed low temperature air, thermal storage systems, variable speed pumping, peak shaving, energy recovery systems, daylighting, and cogeneration.

Our energy services extend to the construction and operation project phases. Our energy services professionals verify that buildings are constructed and operate per the design intent. If these phases are not monitored, planned energy savings and certifications are jeopardized and operating costs can be increased. 

Building owners can improve operation and discover energy savings through an energy audit.  Let Henry Adams meet with your building staff to determine the opportunities for savings.

  • Code Review and Evaluation
  • Energy Efficient Design
  • Energy Modeling
  • Energy Audits
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Facility Equipment & Metering Surveys
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Utility Incentive Program Assistance
  • Energy Savings Calculations
  • Peak Shaving & Demand Response
  • Measurement & Verification



Our staff is ready to assist with your sustainability requirements and goals throughout the project life cycle. Whether your purpose is LEED certification, achieving an equivalent rating, fulfilling corporate goals, or simply incorporating good energy efficient and sustainable design practices, our experts can help you implement cost effective and practical solutions.

Henry Adams has designed hundreds of projects certified through the US Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating systems (LEED). We also provide consulting services to help clients evaluate different rating systems, credit feasibility and selection. Our LEED Accredited Professionals are available to assist with the conceptual development, energy modeling, benchmarking, design documentation, commissioning and measurement and verification.

  • LEED
  • Green Building
  • Net Zero Energy
  • Renewable Energy 



Henry adams is a service provider for the Energy Savings for Business Programs for BGE, Pepco, Delmarva Power and Washington Gas, among others. Projects that include energy saving equipment replacements or new installations, new and more efficient lighting, or Building Automation System (BAS) upgrades may be eligible for rebates through your local utility provider. We assist our clients by reviewing the project with the utility incentive program representative to determine eligibility. For eligible projects Henry adams can help complete the application and provide the required documentation and calculations during the construction period. Incentive awards can help to offset the cost of energy efficient equipment or improvements. Contact Rebecca Koch at or 410-296-6500 x468 for more information. 

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