Phillips Collection, HVAC Assessment

The art gallery, which is located in the Washington, DC’s Dupont Circle neighborhood, is an art gallery of four above-grade floors and a basement for a total of approximately 70,000 GSF. The entire museum comprises three buildings with a carriage house in the rear. The original building was constructed around 1897 and was the original house of the Phillips family. The first addition was constructed in 1960 as a wing to the original building and is known as the Goh addition. It is joined to the original building by a bridge at the second through fourth floors and was renovated in 1989. In 2006, an existing apartment building was acquired as the third portion and was renovated. It is now referred to as the Sant Building.  Henry Adams contracted through The Phillips Collection to conduct an assessment of the original building’s HVAC systems. The assessment involved the physical survey of the original building; identification of deficiencies for the HVAC systems; and recommendations for corrective action. Estimated costs were presented with the purpose to give a general order of magnitude for implementation of the recommendations.

Additional Information:

LocationWashington, DC
Construction Value $1,400,000
OwnerPhillips Collection
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