National Park Service, Eisenhower Home

Henry Adams provided the MEP engineering consulting services for the historic structure report.

The Eisenhower Home is a place of national significance and its association with historic events/individuals such as the Battle of Gettysburg (1863) and President Eisenhower (1953) helped it become recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1966. The home bearing President Eisenhower's name was renovated and rebuilt by the presidential family from 1953-1955. The home is a large, 2-story brick "Modified Georgian" style farmhouse and consists of new sections built by the Eisenhowers, renovated sections of the circa-1850s brick farm house, and salvaged materials from the first log structure built on the site in 1749.

The historic structure report serves to guide treatment selection and work recommendations to restore, preserve and interpret the only home the Eisenhower’s ever owned. It also presents and evaluates various approaches for preserving the Eisenhower home for years to come. The report provided basic data on the historic background and evolution of the structure, materials used in construction, descriptions of existing integrity and appearance, its current condition and estimates on live bearing weight.

The mechanical portion of the report discovered that the chillers and air handling units serving the house were reaching the end of their expected life cycle. Additionally, Henry Adams recommended that the 2-pipe heating/cooling system be converted to a 4-pipe system to better serve the site's increased number of visitors. The electrical portion of the report investigated the condition of the renovated electrical systems that we installed in 2001. For the most part, the renovated systems were still providing adequate performance for the site. It was noted that telecom/data cabling had been installed in the crawl space throughout the years and the wiring was not securely fastened in place nor properly supported. 

Additional Information:

LocationGettysburg, PA
OwnerNational Park Service
ArchitectGWWO, Inc./Architects
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