George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens

Historic Mount Vernon, originally the home of President Washington and First Lady, Martha Washington, was acquired in 1754. They lived their until Washington's death in 1799. Founded in 1853 by Ann Cunningham, The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association is the oldest preservation organization in America. In 1858, in an effort to preserve that part of American heritage, the Association purchased the Mount Vernon Mansion and its outbuildings. Today, Mount Vernon is the nation's most visited historic home, with about one million visitors annually. Henry Adams provided the initial evaluation of the existing infrastructure and its ability to accommodate unprecedented expansion involving three major buildings; an Orientation Center, a Museum and the historic Mt. Vernon Inn. Coordination work was performed with Virginia Electric Power Company, Washington Gas, Bell Atlantic and Media General Cable TV.  The renovation included the existing fine dining restaurant and the existing kitchen facilities. The expansion included demolition and reconstruction of a significantly larger traditional food court, including nationally recognized establishments with indoor and outdoor seating.  Retail spaces required coordination with the retail consultant for power, lighting, security and telephone services. Retail design included design of a “sound system” for background music. Additional specialty spaces include a 200-seat auditorium, a driver’s lounge, and an enclosable terrace for special events.

Additional Information:

Construction Value $12,300,000
OwnerMount Vernon Ladies Association
ArchitectGWWO, Inc./Architects
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