UMBC, Sondheim Hall

Through an on-call contract as the prime consultant, Henry Adams provided project management and MEP engineering design services for the renovation of an existing animal lab. The project consisted of providing architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural engineering services to provide a dedicated exhaust system serving Rooms 503C and 505 to maintain negative pressure in the spaces.

In addition, the control ventilation air handling unit for the building was modified to replace the existing cooling coil and add a preheat coil. A new make-up air unit with an energy recovery wheel was specified in order to continue to capture heating and cooling energy of the exhaust air prior to exhausting it to the outdoors. The unit had a separate exhaust fan to ensure a positive return of air to the wheel and no rely on the supply air fan to draw air back nor rely on the pressure within the room to return it to the unit. In order to provide redundancy to the system, the existing unit was reformed as emergency back-up.

To maintain proper pressurization within each room, pressure independent terminal units were added to control the flow of air. In addition, each exhaust from the room has pressure independent terminal units to insure that the offset pressurization for the room is maintained. The terminal units maintain the required pressure by tracking the exhaust and maintaining a differential CFM between supply and exhaust air. 

Additional Information:

LocationCatonsville, MD
Construction Value $425,000
OwnerUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
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