St. Elmo's Apartment

HENRY ADAMS is providing professional Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection design services for the $150M, 326,290 SF multi-family / mixed-use project located in downtown Bethesda, Maryland. The project consists of a single, high-rise building with 22 stories above grade and 4 levels of below-grade parking.  The underground parking garage is approximately 84,000 SF.

All levels of the parking garage will be mechanically ventilated. The enclosed parking garage ventilation system will consist of a combined vertical supply and exhaust air shafts served by a wall-mounted propeller exhaust fan on each level and will discharge through louvered openings to the outdoors.

The project includes a total of 276 dwelling units with an average unit size of 884 SF. Amenities are located on the ground floor, 22nd floor, and penthouse level of the building. The 7,000 SF Retail Space is located on the ground floor. The design for the retail space includes a grease exhaust riser, general exhaust riser, and ventilation air ductwork capped at the roof and capped within the retail space.

The mechanical project scope includes HVAC and associated controls. The building will primarily be conditioned by terminal equipment using a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system.

The electrical scope involves lighting and power distribution system for the building. The building is provided with a 500kW emergency/standby generator at the roof level.  The plumbing scope includes sanitary, venting, water, stormwater, and gas. The fire protection scope contains the fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Fire protection design will detail the service entrance, locate zone assemblies and sprinkler mains, and include a performance specification for the sprinkler system layout.

The communications scope includes voice/data, intercommunication systems, and CATV. In the apartment units, Henry Adams has detailed voice/data and CATV outlets and cabling from devices to a telecommunications hub panel in each apartment. Micro-duct pathways will be provided from each hub panel to the main telecommunications rooms. The construction is ongoing.




Additional Information:

LocationBethesda, MD
Construction Value $150,000,000
OwnerDuball, LLC
ArchitectMaurice Walters Architect, Inc.
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