400 West Fayette

University of Maryland West Fayette Apartment in Baltimore, Maryland. The site is located adjacent to the University of Maryland, the Hippodrome and Lexington Market consisting of two parking lots and two historic buildings.University Lofts was situated on the University of Maryland campus, boasting a prime location within walking distance of the renowned Baltimore Harbor. The harbor boasted hundreds of retail establishments, restaurants, and attractions.

Upon completion, University Lofts became the nearest and highest-quality residential building to the University of Maryland Campus.

The University Lofts were strategically positioned in a robust student market area. Located within two blocks of University Lofts were the University of Maryland Graduate Schools, which included the Dental School, Pharmacy School, Law School, Nursing School, and Medical School. The University itself had a student population exceeding 6,000, with a total population exceeding 20,000. The University only provided housing for 227 students, resulting in a high demand for off-campus housing. Furthermore, all nearby apartments maintained occupancy rates of over 95%.

The new construction featured two independently accessed parking levels, an outdoor entertainment area, and 27 apartments on each floor, totaling approximately 190 units. The building had six floors of apartments above a one-story podium, encompassing a total area of 200,000 square feet. The parking levels were constructed with poured-in-place concrete and adorned with a decorative metal skin to meet both aesthetic and airflow requirements. The garage level accommodated essential facilities such as electrical services, a sprinkler pump room, and limited amenities like a dog wash and storage. The outdoor area comprised a spacious section of pedestal pavers with simple seating areas and an elevated lap pool.

The apartment construction employed a stud and plank system, with the veneer consisting of 10% high-end wall surfaces, 55% standard wall surfaces, and 35% stock-size windows. The apartment finishes adhered to Class A standards, featuring granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer units, floating wood flooring, and barn doors. A dedicated egress stair tower served the new construction area, providing access to both the parking levels and the apartments.

Additional Information:

LocationBaltimore, MD
ArchitectMoseley Architects
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