Towson University, Barton House

HENRY ADAMS provided the MEP engineering design for the residence hall.
  • HENRY ADAMS provided the MEP engineering design for the residence hall.

Henry Adams provided the MEP engineering design for Barton House, a 4-story, 80,000 SF residential dormitory at Towson University. The project scope consisted of providing outdoor air ventilation directly to the dorms, associated corridors, and laundry facility. Modifications were made to the duct system of the lobby, conference room, and offices on the first floor of the building.

On the lower level, a new 100% outside air, water source heat pump was installed in the trash room. To provide ventilation air to the dorm rooms and laundry room, an uninsulated duct was extended from the trash room through the existing corridor. A single duct air terminal unit was provided for ventilation air to the laundry room. On the ground level, which consists of a lobby, multi-purpose room, office space, and dorm rooms, the ductwork for these spaces was reconfigured to allow for a single heat pump. The multi-purpose room remained with a dedicated heat pump unit. The remaining second through fourth floors were served by a water-source heat pump loop system. To cool the water source piping that served the new water source heat pumps, a dry cooler was provided on the roof. Heat was injected into the system via natural gas fired boilers.

The mechanical scope included the replacement of a heat pump unit on each floor, provision of a dedicated outdoor air unit, conversion of a mechanical closet into a shaft for treated outdoor air, replacement of the corridor supply duct system, piping design from the new dry cooler and new boilers, and modification of the existing sprinkler system. The electrical scope included power wiring to support all new mechanical equipment.

This project was a part of a contract under University of Maryland Baltimore. Over the course of the contract, Henry Adams managed the entire design team and provided studies, analysis, and design for renovations and retrofits of University property. The properties included a variety of campuses around Baltimore managed by UMB, including University of Maryland Baltimore, Towson University, and University of Maryland Baltimore County. In this specific task order, Henry Adams provided the MEP engineering design for the mechanical ventilation of both Barton House and Douglass House at Towson University.

Additional Information:

Construction Value $800,000
OwnerTowson University
ArchitectGWWO, Inc./Architects
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