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Henry Adams completed a study and re-design of the domestic hot water system for the 29-story HarborView Condominium which is the 16th tallest building in Baltimore. The project included an evaluation of the existing domestic hot water system capacity, equipment and configuration of the existing central plant. The purpose of the project was to replace the existing 2,000-gallon storage tank, which was failing, and to add a thermostatic mixing valve to eliminate health concerns and premature equipment failure. Henry Adams successfully implemented a new piping configuration with six smaller hot water storage tanks utilizing a reverse-return configuration to evenly distribute the hot water among the six tanks. The new piping configuration enables the hot water system to be operated at higher temperatures, thus eliminating condensation in the boiler stacks and premature equipment failure. The addition of a new mixing valve allows the domestic hot water to be stored at higher temperatures eliminating the health concern of legionella and eliminating safety concern by limiting the supply water temperature to the building.

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