Morgan State University, New Student Center

Henry Adams provided the mechanical and electrical lighting design for the new student center at Morgan State University. The 130,500 SF, 4-story building includes dining, main and catering kitchen, cyber cafe, bookstore, 300-seat auditorium, 800-seat ballroom, offices, meeting rooms, lounge areas and recreation center.

The Alice Parham Ballroom is a multipurpose room used for lectures, dances, banquets, fashion shows and receptions. This facility accommodates up to 350 people for a sit-down affair and as many as 700 people for a reception or dance.

The mechanical design features fourteen air handling units provide supply and ventilation air with variable speed fan motors to variable air volume terminal units. Energy recovery wheels in 8 air handling units recover exhaust air energy and transfer it to the outdoor air used for ventilation. The existing steam boiler plant air is the source of steam supply for heating the building and the domestic hot water. The steam pressure is reduced and supplied to converters which generate heating water for the building. An existing underground steam main was re-routed around the new building. An existing central chilled water plant furnishes low temperature chilled water for cooling.

Domestic water is provided by extension from the existing site main with branches to plumbing fixtures and equipment. A steam-fired generator heats the water for distribution to kitchen equipment, sinks, and lavatories.

The fire protection system includes a wet-pipe sprinkler system and standpipes. The fire alarm system is connected to the main campus system.

The lighting design includes a remote relay switching system that controls public spaces using a programmable schedule, photocells and local overrides. The ballroom dimming system allows the partition spaces to be controlled jointly or independently, depending on the status of partitions. Retail space and display window lighting were designed for the bookstore. Lighting in the 3-level main concourse utilizes daylight harvesting and was evaluated by use of a 3-D software program.

Energy conservation measures include energy efficient T8 lamps and dimming controls, automatic control of the cooling and heating plants, air-economizer, energy recovery wheels, and programmable controls for air handling units, and supply air temperature reset with override to maintain humidity control.


Additional Information:

LocationBaltimore, MD
Construction Value $43,000,000
OwnerMorgan State University
ArchitectCSD Architects
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