Jemicy Upper School, Tomlinson Theater

Henry Adams provided the MEP engineering design for the 24,000 SF renovation/expansion project creating the new Tomlinson Theater. Overall, the project expanded the building footprint and raised the roof to house a new black box theater, entrance, dressing room, and storage areas. The new theater was designed with flexible seating to accommodate multiple performance configurations depending on the School's programming needs.

The Tomlinson Theater has two configurations. When the stadium seating is retracted, the theater can be configured as a black box theater, otherwise the normal configuration is for a typical proscenium stage. The system was designed per Owner request around the ETC theatrical dimming system. The lighting includes two racks each with 48 dual channel dimmer modules for a total of 192 circuits. Architectural house lighting for the theater is controlled by rack mounted DTS architectural dimming system modules.

There are three connector strips above the stage: two were fly rail mounted, and one was electrical hoist mounted. The stage also includes floor pockets for lighting and AV connections. In the seating area, wall mounted connector boxes at floor level and vertical pipe mounted connector boxes halfway up the walls provided connections for portable lighting during black box configurations. The connector strips over the seating area are arranged in a 3x3 square grid array and mounted from the catwalk. Each grid square has connector strips on each side.

Color LED stage lighting fixtures of different sizes, color and white LED cyclorama wall wash fixtures, and follow spot lights were provided for Owner installation. House lighting includes fluorescent high-bay luminaries for general multipurpose use of room. LED aisle lighting, step lights, and dimmable LED cylinder downlights over the audience and stage apron provide general illumination for performances. Catwalk lighting includes overhead white lights for setup and catwalk rail mounted blue lights for production catwalk activity. Work lighting over the stage area is provided by fly rail mounted LED work lights plugged into the connector strips. Fly loft lighting includes fluorescent industrial turrets with wire guards.

The Jemicy School is a K-12 institution that strives to educate students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences by addressing both their intellectual strengths and their learning needs. The school utilizes creative, multisensory, and research-based programs and techniques to develop reading, writing, spelling, and organization skills; promote a love of learning, and prepare students for the intellectual and social challenges of college and life.

Additional Information:

LocationOwings Mills, MD
OwnerJemicy School
ArchitectRubeling & Associates
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