U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Hall of Flags

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce established over a century ago, is the world’s largest business organization. The 4,600 SF historic space is utilized for various events inside the hall. The available pathways were limited and, in many instances, difficult to reach. They run through existing office spaces in tight ceilings, low-ceiling basement spaces with other building systems in place, and through two-story mechanical penthouse spaces which made accessibility difficult.

The scope included preservation of the Hall’s historic features, electric and mechanical system installation, fire suppression and relocation of fire alarm devices in coordination with new Av system locations. The building will include low voltage cable pathways for new LED media screens, portable carts, floor boxes, cameras, speakers, and lighting that will greatly enhance the use and flexibility of the large meeting space in the Chamber of Commerce.

Additional Information:

LocationWashington, DC
OwnerU.S Chamber of Commerce
ArchitectHartman-Cox Architects
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