Towson University Field House

Henry Adams undertook the provision of MEP engineering services for the renovation of both the first and third floors of the Field House, intending to create more versatile support spaces to cater to team rooms and academic excellence. Furthermore, the project encompassed a thorough assessment for a potential addition to the north side of the Field House. The architectural design placed a strong emphasis on energy-efficient building systems, including HVAC systems, lighting, and lighting controls.

The scope of our services extended to various areas within the Field House. This included the transformation of Room 104 into the women's lacrosse room, the conversion of Room 105 into two 15-person team rooms, and the development of a new second-floor shell space. Additionally, we reconfigured Rooms 301, 302, and 303 to create an office suite featuring a storefront, a reception area, and seven to eight individual offices, each spanning approximately 150 square feet. Room 306 underwent an evaluation of its lighting levels, and Room 308 saw the relocation of a computer lab, housing around 20 workstations, previously situated in the former Room 303.

Henry Adams is currently providing engineering design services for the construction of a new addition to the Field House. 

Additional Information:

LocationTowson, MD
Construction Value $950,000
OwnerTowson University
ArchitectHord Coplan Macht, Inc.
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