Towson University, Burdick Hall Natatorium

Henry Adams provided the MEP engineering design for the renovation of Towson University's Burdick Hall Natatorium as part of an on-call contract.

The project included dehumidification, air conditioning, and digital controls for natatorium, as well as, lighting upgrades for natatorium and replacement of Electric Service Equipment to accommodate the HVAC upgrade. Henry Adams worked with Towson University to pre-purchase dehumidification units, unit substation, switchboards, and motor control centers. Architectural design included painting, ceiling, and roof repairs.

The prime task was the replacement of aging and inoperative air conditioning systems serving the natatorium. The existing facility did not have sufficient ventilation and environmental control within the space. The project alleviated humidity buildup and chemical odors in the pool area.

The new mechanical equipment incorporated modern dehumidification techniques that also includes energy recovery. The new system used a fabric duct system. Architectural and structural modifications were also required to support the new upgrades.

The design minimized downtime to the occupied facility in order to maintain scheduled classes and team activities. Henry Adams was on-site to assist with the early morning weekend changeover.

The electrical engineering included an upgrade of the electrical service and associated natatorium lighting. The electrical service replacement included custom measurements and design to coordinate the upgraded transformer within a restricted concrete vault.

The lighting replacement included modeling in AGI32 for a system that provided full uniform coverage while improving the access required for lamp replacement.

Additional Information:

LocationTowson, MD
Construction Value $1,500,000
OwnerTowson University
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