Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Building 501 Pilot Bioproduction Facility

The Pilot Bioproduction Facility is located in Building 501 at WRAMC’s Forest Glen site. This facility manufactures vaccines for the Army. There are four areas that are Class 100,000 clean rooms - seed preparation, fermentation, purification and labeling. The filling and formation area has four clean rooms from class 100 to 100,000. Also, the building has sterilization areas, process equipment areas, viral products and quality control. For this project we reviewed validation records, field verified equipment to determine heat output to the spaces, determined process cooling requirements, and determined capacities of existing mechanical equipment. We recommended upgrading the chilled water system for the building cooling system. For the process cooling system, we recommended a new system capable of year-round operation. Several of the rooms have fan coil units that provide the cooling for the space. Since many of these units are undersized, it was recommended that new air handling units be designed to upgrade the cooling capacity and provide a better environment for the laboratory.

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