Walter Reed Army Medical Center, AFIP Fire Alarm System Replacement

Fire alarm system survey, analysis and design for complete replacement of existing system with new multiplex, non-coded system to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Conducted interviews with Facilities Engineering and Fire Department to determine building usage and specific requirements on concerns for the building.  Reviewed all existing as-built drawings.  Provided preliminary code search, including National Fire Codes, BOCA Guidelines, military specifications, local fire code criteria, and ADA Standards.  Extensive field surveys were performed to verify and update as-built drawings.  Field determinations included asbestos survey, condition of existing fire alarm equipment; location of power sources for new equipment; existing routes for means of egress; and Fire Department primary access points.  All information was confirmed with facilities personnel throughout the study phase.  Recommendations for system replacement included detailed cost estimates and construction phasing schedule.  Provided detailed construction documents, cost estimate and specifications for fire alarm, smoke and fire detection systems and equipment.

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