Life Sciences Research Lab Facility

Programming, siting, building layout and design for new 120,000 SF, 3-story research facility, located on this research campus. The facility contains specialized research laboratories and testing areas, including percutaneous and general hazardous evaluation rooms, acute and sub-acute inhalation labs, chemical and hazardous materials storage areas, animal holding facilities, and laboratories such as radiolabel, aerosol, biotechnology, neuropharmacology, cellular biology, teratogenesis, reproduction, tissue culture, aquatic tox, analytical and clinical chemistry, metabolic, physiology, mutagenesis and electronics. Mechanical/electrical engineering design for acid waste tank systems includes specification of tanks, pumps and piping systems. Hazardous waste system was designed to RCRA specifications, including individual aboveground tanks for each lab contained within a building structure for separation of different liquid chemicals and toxic agents. Hazardous waste was piped to drums for 90-day storage, and then incinerated on site. Design included diaphragm pumps with air pressurization, double-walled piping with leak detection system, and control panels for pH, pump and tank control. An acid waste system was designed for the general laboratories, which was piped to neutralization tanks.

Additional Information:

LocationAberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Construction Value $31,300,000
OwnerUSACE Baltimore District
ArchitectGaudreau, Inc
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