Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory IDIQ

Henry Adams holds a current IDIQ contract with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics laboratory.  Some of the task orders undertaken through that contract include the following:

  • Building 6 Systemic HVAC Renovation – Retrofitted 256 constant volume dual duct boxes throughout the 93,000sf office building. Titus Retrofit kits were used to convert the constant-volume system to a variable air volume system. The new design allowed downsizing the main air handling unit from 60,000 to 50,000cfm and resulted in an approximate savings of 160,000kWH of electricity per year.
  • Building 6 Data Center – Design for a 2,000 SF high density, high security data center and ancillary equipment room with 28 water-cooled, self contained, data racks in the basement. New mechanical room uses six nominal 30-ton Stulz split chillers headered together in parallel. Electrical required a new 1,600 amp switchboard, two PDUs, and a central UPS with expansion provisions.
  • Central Plant Upgrade – Replaced four cooling towers on the roof of Building 13 Central Mechanical Plant (CMP) and evaluated the capacity of the equipment in the Building 13 CMP. Made additional recommendations for necessary upgrades to replace old equipment, meet current requirements, provide sufficient capacity for future loads and ensure compliance with current codes.
  • South Plant Upgrade – Renovated the 2100 ton South Campus Central Mechanical Plant providing chilled water to Buildings No.1, No.2, No.6, No.13, No.26 and Library totaling 600,000 SF. Included replacement of cooling towers, condenser water pumps, and a condition assessment of the chilled water, condenser water, electric, life safety and ice storage systems.
  • Campus High Voltage Short Circuit and Coordination Study– Provided complete survey and short circuit and protective device coordination study for the 33kV and 13.2kV campus distribution systems serving over a million square feet of various building types. The short circuit study evaluated ½ cycle, 1 ½ to 4 cycle, and 30 cycle short circuit current and device duties using ANSI guidelines.
  • Building No. 1 Steam Plant Upgrade – Replaced two 400 BHP and one 300 BHP high pressure steam boilers in the Building No. 1 Mechanical Room serving 610,000 SF in Buildings No.1, No.2, No.5, No.6, No.13, No.26 and the Library. Replaced domestic hot water heating system, feedwater water pumps, and condensate return pumps. Project was designed for a phased construction with temporary steam generation.











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OwnerJohns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
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