J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building, Domestic Hot Water Replacement

This project was performed via design/build partnering with J & L Mavilia, 8(a) mechanical contractor. The 15-story, 2.1M SF high rise was constructed in 1971 and houses the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The existing hot water system was original to the building and consisted of six hot water tanks located in the basement. There were two 500-gallon domestic water heaters and four 1,000-gallon domestic water heaters - steam actuated serving the lower level, the high level and the kitchen. Three of the water heaters supplied the building and three were redundant.

The project scope included the following: Demolish existing ceiling supported hot water generators, damaged and unusable associated piping, valves and wiring.  Provided four new steam actuated, instantaneous water heaters such that two water heaters can be looped to serve the upper level and kitchen and the remaining two to serve the lower level. New water heaters were to be equipped with a recirculation package to maintain loop temperature. Provided 4" housekeeping pads for new equipment.  Provided new steam condensate receiver / pump for all new hot water generators.  Provided all conduit, disconnects and wiring to power the new receivers/ pumps, control equipment and steam actuated hot water generators and any other associated equipment.  Insulated piping and equipment.  Provided start-up and training for all new equipment.

Additional Information:

LocationWashington, DC
Construction Value $400,000
OwnerFederal Bureau of Investigation
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