Morgan State University Utility Tunnels

Henry Adams provided the mechanical and electrical design for the new chiller plant and utility tunnel at Morgan State University. The design for the Commons area is for a 2000-ton capacity district plant. It is located within the new Student Center parking garage, with the cooling towers placed on top. A utility tunnel connects the new Student Center, Library buildings and the Hill Field House. 

The tunnel holds chilled water, domestic water, steam and telecommunications utilities. Underground steam and condensate piping were replaced from just outside the boiler plant to Soper Hall. The site electric was replaced from northeast of Soper Hall to the new library, new student center and Field House. Blount Towers and Rawlings Dining Hall were removed from the Coldspring substation and added to the Montebello substation.  An existing telecommunications conduit was re-routed through the tunnel.

Additional Information:

LocationBaltimore, MD
OwnerMorgan State University
ArchitectCSD Architects
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