Maryland Stadium Authority, M&T Bank Stadium Control Room

The design and construction of the main AV control room retrofit. The mechanical tasks included a detailed HVAC analysis of the existing systems to determine if the existing systems could adequately condition the new server room and control room. Design and construction included installation of two dedicated computer room air conditioning units for the server room and replacement of the two existing control room units. A clean agent fire suppression and pre-action system were designed and installed to serve each space. The electrical tasks included design of lighting, power, and fire protection including modifications to the existing building fire alarm system for monitoring and release of the new double interlock pre-action sprinkler system, and design of the automatic smoke detection, manual releasing, and occupant warning systems for the new clean agent fire suppression system. Challenges included phased construction, inadequate existing conditions, schedule, and severe space limitations.

Additional Information:

LocationBaltimore, MD
OwnerMaryland Stadium Authority
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