Arlington County, Lynn Street Esplanade

The Lynn Street Esplanade project consists of improvements to three blocks of Lynn Street in Arlington, Virginia. One of the goals of this project is to provide a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment while also maintaining the effective movement of vehicular traffic. Some improvements include pedestrian and bicycle paths, traffic and pedestrian signals, streetscaping, and landscaping.

Henry Adams is responsible for the electrical engineering and lighting design of new roadway and streetscape lighting for three blocks of Lynn Street and west bound Lee Highway in Arlington, Virginia. The project area consists of the intersections of East and West bound Lee highway, the Lynn Street Bridge of I-66, the ramps for George Washington Memorial Parkway and west bound Lee Highway and a pedestrian tunnel under Lynn Street. Extensive lighting calculations were done using the standard luminaires for Arlington County to ensure horizontal and vertical illuminance values as recommended by the IESNA Arlington County and VDOT. Careful consideration was given to pedestrian safety in the walkways and intersections.  The drawings are produced to VDOT CAD Standards and Arlington County Design Standards.  The design process will follow the VDOT design method.

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