Edenwald Retirement Community

Henry Adams provided the mechanical and electrical engineering design for a new 18-story, high rise residential complex for the elderly, with 245 apartment units and attached two-story nursing home wing. Design  included HVAC, electrical power, and elevators, lighting, plumbing and complex fire/life safety program and communication systems. The high-rise building is fully sprinklered, with sprinkler and smoke control zones coinciding with fire alarm zones, with separate flow indicators on sprinkler systems for indication at annunciator panel. A dry sprinkler system was designed for the attached parking garage. The firm also designed a smoke control system, tied into the emergency power system, involving smoke exhaust fans and conversion of air conditioning to 100% outside air during the smoke mode. Stairwell pressurization is tied into the emergency power and fire alarm systems.

Additional Information:

LocationTowson, MD
Construction Value $19,000,000
OwnerEdenwald Retirement Community
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