Towson University, Prettyman Hall

HENRY ADAMS provided the MEP engineering design for the residence hall.
  • HENRY ADAMS provided the MEP engineering design for the residence hall.

Henry Adams provided the MEP engineering design for the renovation and service upgrade to Prettyman Hall to add window air conditioning units. Prettyman Hall is one of two, 3-story residence halls at Towson University that Henry Adams serviced in this project as part of an Academic On-Call contract with the University of Maryland Baltimore. The other residence hall being Scarborough Hall.

This project provided the building upgrades necessary to add air conditioning to the two 3-story residence halls serving a combined 320 students. Areas within the halls include dorm rooms, study/music/recreation rooms, and a large central lobby. These buildings are secured twenty-four hours a day with a card access system used by students to gain entry to the buildings and elevators, as well as a front desk that is staffed 24/7 with either student workers or security guards.

The scope of work included renovating the existing transformer serving both buildings, switchboard, panelboards, and adding window air conditioning units. The existing transformer outside of Prettyman Hall was replaced with a 500 KVA transformer to handle existing loads and the anticipated load for the new air conditioning units for both Scarborough and Prettyman Hall. The new switchboard will backfeed the existing service equipment and serve new panelboards for air conditioning in both halls.

The mechanical scope of work included HVAC design, limited to loads for window air conditioners and addition of split system units in the lounge. The electrical scope of work included power systems.

Henry Adams also worked with an architectural consultant that identified windows and detailed installation for the new air conditioning units. Also included structural engineering and cost consultations as required.

Additional Information:

LocationTowson, MD
OwnerTowson University
ArchitectGWWO, Inc./Architects
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