Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Cash Department Renovation

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is one of 12 Federal Reserve Banks that offer payment services, such as check collection and cash distribution, to the financial institutions from Maryland to South Carolina. The Baltimore Branch handles Maryland, metropolitan Washington DC, northern Virginia, and northeastern West Virginia, as well as parts of southern Pennsylvania. Henry Adams has done several projects at the Baltimore Branch including one of the first ice storage projects in the county. Henry Adams was again chosen to provide mechanical and electrical engineering services for renovations to the cash department. The project included specialty areas requiring extremely tight environmental conditions such as 68-70 degree temperature and 50-55% humidity control.  The project was particularly challenging because the humidity levels needed precise control and the humidifiers were having difficulty maintaining the required levels even when all the calculations indicated there should be no issue.  Subsequent site investigations revealed some of the environmental seals were not properly installed by the contractor and the moisture was rapidly migrating from the space. Once corrected, all the spaces worked as originally intended.

Additional Information:

LocationBaltimore, MD
Construction Value $3,000,000
OwnerFederal Reserve Bank
ArchitectBeck Powell & Parsons
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