DOD Infrastructure Protection Repairs Shelters in Place

Henry Adams provided MEP design services for a new protective Shelter-In-Place. The project involved demolition of spaces within a 1940s federal office building, part of overflow DOD office space next to the Pentagon. The existing conference room and storage facility was transformed into a sealed, protective refuge area designed to be a fully operational command center. The project included approximately 1,500 SF. The space was designed with controlled egress air-locks. The entire center operated on emergency power.  The special mechanical systems include a redundant air conditioning system designed to protect the space occupants from a chemical, biological, or radiological (CBR) airborne threat. A new air-handling unit was designed in combination with a Government supplied CBR filtration unit to provide the space with a standalone ventilation, cooling, and heating system. The system was designed to sufficiently pressurize the space to protect the occupants for a period of 5-6 hours. The AHU includes ultra-violet lights and HEPA filters to assist in filtering contaminated outdoor air. The integrated direct digital control system includes pressure sensors and alarms to notify the occupants if there is an issue with the space pressurization.

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