Maryland World War II Memorial

Henry Adams provided the electrical engineering design for a new memorial to honor Maryland’s World War II veterans. A national contest resulted in the unanimously selected design by New York architect Secundino Fernandez. Henry Adams designed the main utility connections, power distribution, lighting controls and lighting design for walkways and monuments. The site, a grassy vista overlooking Annapolis, is located on Route 450 at the Naval Academy Bridge. The memorial is an open, four-sided amphitheater, surrounded by 48, nine-foot tall columns representing the then-48 states. The 20 granite stones represent historic war events both at the war sites and in Maryland. The stone panels are inscribed with names of the heroes. A seven-sided obelisk at the center symbolizes Maryland’s place as the seventh state. The two large granite globes mark the places of the battles.

Additional Information:

LocationAnnapolis, MD
Construction Value $1,800,000
OwnerMaryland Department of General Services
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