Gunpowder State Park Hammerman Visitor Building

The Hammerman area of the Gunpowder State Park is a beachfront area, developed for bathing and recreation. In planning for the new center, Henry Adams worked with the Department of General Services and the Architect to provide a LEED Silver certified facility, incorporating green building principals into the project. This project meets the needs of the increasing population of beach-goers and enhances the site. The new, 7,480 SF visitor center houses showers, changing areas and comfort facilities; kitchen and concession spaces; Ranger and Naturalists offices; conference room; First Aid facilities; and storage space. Henry Adams provided mechanical/electrical services for two new buildings to house year-round Park staff office and conference room. The mechanical system is a ground source (geothermal) heat pump system with multiple wells headered together. The closed loop water is piped from the closed circuit cooler and boiler system through the heat pump where heat is added to the loop in the summer or taken from the loop in the winter. In the summer, heat is used to preheat the domestic water for the showers before being returned to the closed circuit cooler. The buildings exceed the ASHRAE 90.1 standard using 20 percent less energy than the standard. Lighting is from T-8 lamps with electronic ballasts. They have occupancy sensors in each space to turn lights off when not in use. Daylighting was incorporated into the design. A new transformer was designed to feed the buildings. Fire alarm, communications and security systems are also included. Plumbing systems use low flow toilets, waterless urinals and ultra-low flow showerheads to reduce water consumption. Rainwater is collected from the roof and stored for use in toilets as needed.

Additional Information:

LocationGun Powder State Park, MD
Construction Value $3,300,000
OwnerMaryland Department of General Services
ArchitectGWWO, Inc./Architects
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