Life Technologies Innovation Center

The project consisted of Teaming Rooms, Open Office Environment on a 6-inch “plug and play” raised floor, and a Lounge with a coffee bar and gas fireplace. The concept was to create a relaxed refuge within the laboratory environment to foster collaboration and innovation.  Henry Adams provided full mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design services for a design/build contract for the complete renovation and fit-out of 5,500 SF of laboratory spaces. The renovation included full field survey of existing conditions, including tracing out electrical branch circuits and taking air flow measurements. The project was in between several labs and also shared a common HVAC system. The work required renovations within adjoining lab spaces and extensive coordination with existing systems. Work required coordination with local code and permitting authorities. A new HVAC system consisting of a VAV system with a rooftop air handling unit and remote gas-fired heating equipment was designed for the collaboration space for energy conservation.  The existing constant volume lab HVAC system was modified to maintain strict space temperature and pressure requirements.

Additional Information:

LocationFrederick, MD
OwnerLife Technologies, Inc (Formerly Invitrogen)
ArchitectHeery International
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