Investment Building

Henry Adams investigated the HVAC system of this high-rise building and proposed options for upgrading and/or replacing the equipment. We proposed various options and determined costs associated with each and designed the changes based on the selected options.  The existing 280 two-pipe fan coils were removed and replaced with new four-pipe fan coil units. The work was phased to replace all the units on a riser at a time.  Work was performed after normal office hours. An additional piping system was designed to supply the four-pipe fan coil system. The pumps are located in the Penthouse mechanical room. The mains, with capped and valved connections, were installed prior to replacing the fan coil units.  Two suspended AHUs serving the tower were removed and replaced with four new 18,000-CFM units. Outdoor air was designed to meet current ASHRAE standards. The new units increased air filtration to the occupied spaces.

Additional Information:

LocationTowson, MD
Construction Value $4,000,000
OwnerAMG Realty Partners
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