Baltimore Convention Center

HENRY ADAMS was the MEP engineer for the convention center.
  • HENRY ADAMS was the MEP engineer for the convention center.

Henry Adams provided the MEP engineering design for the comprehensive design for an 800,000 SF addition housing exhibit halls, meeting rooms, a 40,000 SF ballroom and a 500-seat auditorium. The presentation rooms feature stages, light and sound control, rear projection and electronics room. Features include flexible lighting, and effective exhaust systems.

The HVAC systems use low temperature chilled water from the on-site thermal storage system. Lobbies and halls use low temperature air mixed with return air, enthalpy wheels and supplemental cooling through a heat exchanger. Energy use is 50% less than the usual types including the eight other systems analyzed.

The new electrical service supplies the building with primary service, providing a single point of connection. In-floor electrical panels are provided in the exhibit halls for flexibility. The original convention center was designed by Henry Adams as was later new construction of an underground addition.  The addition included chilled water plant, district steam connections, sprinkling system, new escalators, and connection to an energy monitoring, security and control system. 

Additional Information:

LocationBaltimore, MD
Construction Value $151,000,000
OwnerCity of Baltimore
Architect Loschky, Marquardt & Nesholm / Cochran, Stephenson & Donkervoet
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