Alexandria City Public Schools, Francis C. Hammond Middle School

Under an on-call contract as the prime consultant, Henry Adams provided the MEP engineering design for the HVAC replacement at Francis C. Hammond Middle School. 

The project included the replacement of existing chilled water CHWS pumps. The new equipment results in better performance, prevention of water leakage through worn seals, and improved delivery of the water. This reduces operating cost and improves energy efficiency by using a premium motor and new impeller.

The scope included replacement of rooftop units 1, 3, and 6, as well as various chilled water pumps on the school’s campus. Alterations were made to the HVAC system to accommodate the new rooftop equipment. ACPS was experiencing issues with AHU-1 zoning for reheat, so the system was modified with additional reheat coils. The mechanical engineering design consisted of HVAC, associated building controls, and condensate drainage. The electrical engineering design included power for the new mechanical equipment.

Additional Information:

LocationAlexandria, VA
Construction Value $400,000
OwnerAlexandria City Public Schools
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