Why Stan Lee Might Just Live Forever by J. Douglas Tebera, PE

14 January 2013

Stan LeeAnybody that knows comics recognizes Stan Lee. Stan Lee was born in New York City way, way back. His uncle introduced him to Timely Comics in 1939 where he started as an assistant. Stan worked almost every job in the business and in 1972 he became head publisher at what had evolved into Marvel Comics. During his time there Stan helped create such iconic characters as Spiderman, Ironman, the Hulk, and the Fantastic Four. For years kids waited anxiously to see what next month's issue would bring. Now, these characters are enjoying new life and popularity through blockbuster movies like The Avengers and Iron Man. Stan is now in his 90s and still enjoys a cameo appearance in practically every film. I'm sure the satisfaction of seeing his creations enjoy another round of popularity in his golden years is putting an extra spring in his step.

One of the greatest gifts in life is to do what you enjoy for a living. Money, stability, and power are examples of various characteristics many look for in a career. For Stan Lee the adoration of comic book fans everywhere was obviously just as much a reward to his work. I've had the good fortune of knowing from a young age that I wanted to be part of building things. The melding of art and science that becomes architecture is fascinating and when done right, whether it be an architectural marvel, a challenging engineered solution, or simply a well-constructed detail, it produces a tangible gem. It's great to be involved in such projects and to be able to reflect on each every time I see it.

Our goal with this Blog is to share insight into the design process from various members of our staff and sometimes guest bloggers. In doing so you'll have the opportunity to learn more about us, our values, and the company we keep. Playing a role in the development of great projects, no matter the size, carries intrinsic value that's hard to describe. While each project may be special for different reasons, it's our desire to help with the magic that is important. The final result is craftsmanship that can be appreciated for years to come.

Our firm has served a variety of clients for over 100 years because our people share a passion for the work and the results it produces. We revel the opportunity to look back and view each project as an achievement. In helping our clients achieve their goals we can all share in the intrinsic satisfaction of seeing our work benefit others. Similarly, although Stan Lee probably won't live forever, I'm sure he takes satisfaction in seeing Marvel carry his creations forward. We hope you enjoy combing through our Blog.