Union Memorial Hospital Helipad

01 August 2009
Press Releases

In ABC – Associated Builders & Contractors magazine, the Union Memorial Hospital Helipad was featured as a 2008 Excellence Winner. Henry Adams provided the complete MEP design for a rooftop helipad for Union Memorial Hospital’s emergency services. The design was done in accordance with USDoT FAA Heliport Design Recommendations and Standards. It also incorporated the specific code requirements from IFC Chapter 11 (Aviation Facilities) and NFPA 418 (Heliports). The design included:

  • Foam fire-extinguishing system for the pad
  • Storm water drains for pad independently collected and piped to existing storm water system
  • A heating system for the slab for snow and ice removal
  • A storm water trench drain at the ramps edge
  • Extension of fire standpipes to helipad elevation
  • Specialized lighting per FAA requirements
  • Area lighting for rooftop and Access Bridge
  • Maintained Hospital HVAC service from rooftop Air Handling Units 3 and 4 (37,500cfm each) during the construction by headering the units together. Modifications included rerouted outdoor air ductwork and fans, charcoal filters, and new louvers to alleviate possible issues caused by the helicopter exhaust.