McLeod Tyler Wellness Center Opens

05 September 2018
Press Releases

Last Tuesday, the College of William and Mary held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly constructed McLeod Tyler Wellness Center. Students, donors, and members of the Board of Visitors and President of the University all gathered to celebrate the opening of the new building. Named after its donors Bee McLeod and Goody Tyler, the McLeod Tyler Wellness Center serves as a resource for treating medical conditions, and promoting general healthy living. The space encompasses a multitude of uses including health promotion, counseling center, recreational wellness programming, and more. 

: Recovery room in the McLeod Tyler Wellness Center containing hospital beds next to two large windows, medical equipment on the walls and a curtain dividing the room

Construction for the 28,700 SF building, replaced the existing Student Health Center as well as several additional buildings known as the Lodges. The new facility houses a variety of resources and specialty rooms including a triage and procedure room, injection room, isolation room, exams rooms, soundproof counselling rooms, and additional classrooms. Students are provided a designated space for quiet and reflective activities within the Center for Mindfulness and Authentic Excellence through special meditation alcoves.       

: McLeod Tyler Wellness Center’s lobby with floor to ceiling windows and lighting design done by Henry Adams’ MEP engineering firm  

The McLeod Tyler Wellness Center was designed to integrate different dimensions of wellness including emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual. South facing views of the building’s surrounding natural landscape provide visitors a peaceful environment to seek stress relief while encouraging sustainable life-habits. The building embodies the key traits of wellness by presenting itself as holistic, positive, and inclusive.   

McLeod Tyler Wellness Center’s Yoga studio with natural lighting from large windows and daylight dimming lighting design by Henry Adams’ MEP engineering firm 

Henry Adams provided the MEP engineering design harmonious with the building’s atmosphere of healing. Many areas of the wellness center focus on promoting sustainability, therefore it was crucial for Henry Adams to blend cutting-edge technologies into the MEP systems. In order to achieve LEED certification, MEP engineering designs incorporated energy efficient electrical systems, environmentally friendly climate control appliances, and ecologically safe materials.

McLeod Tyler Wellness Center’s Outdoor patio set up with multiple outdoor seating arrangements, views of surrounding natural landscape, and outdoor lighting design by Henry Adams MEP engineering firm that promotes light pollution reduction

The mechanical design included HVAC service that maximized the natural ventilation of the building and enhanced the indoor environmental quality. Climate control appliances incorporated into the mechanical design improved energy conservation.

Plumbing fixtures throughout the facility utilize hands-free faucets where applicable and comply with the College of William and Mary campus standards. 

The electrical design promotes light pollution reduction and optimizes energy performance by improving the functionality of the lighting systems. Natural daylight is utilized in 75 percent of the spaces within the wellness center while automatic daylight dimming preset controls are found in most rooms.

Henry Adams’ MEP engineering team made it their goal to provide integrated sustainable design concepts while maintaining the building’s multi-dimensionality. The opening of the McLeod Tyler Wellness Center serves as a step in the right direction towards improving interpersonal well-being and a greater student experience overall.