BCC Chilled Water Plant Featured by the Baltimore Sun

26 September 2017
Press Releases

Photo by Mike Ruocco/NPR.

The Baltimore Sun has announced the opening of a new $11.8M chilled water plant at the Baltimore Convention Center (BCC). The full article is linked here.

During the project, Baltimore City brought in Henry Adams under its on-call engineering contract to assist the BCC in a third party review of the district utilities plant upgrades within the convention center. The BCC purchases chilled water from Veolia Energy & Water North America, a district energy provider.

Henry Adams led a team of mechanical, electrical, architectural, and structural consultants to act as the City's agent and advocate to determine whether Veolia needed to raise the roof or whether the new plant could be constructed within the existing space with minimal structural and architectural modifications.

The team investigated three options with Veolia to replace and upgrade the capacity of the chiller plant. The review helped Baltimore City identify Option 3 as its best value. This route will also reduce the electrical consumption resulting in a operational savings of $180,000 per year. Maintenance and support are improved by raising the roof approximately six feet above the footprint of the District Plant and the BCC experiences no loss of revenue from reduced rentable space. Henry Adams performed a trending data analysis which led to the discovery of a reduction in capacity, which in turn reduced overall cost for the BCC.