HENRY ADAMS Promotes Senior Electrical Engineer

07 February 2023

Henry Adams Consulting Engineers is happy to announce the promotion of Travis Polletto to Senior Electrical Engineer. Travis has been a great asset to the Henry Adams electrical team for the past 13 years. For as long as Travis can remember he has been fascinated by electronics and figuring out how to take them apart and reconfigure them. He credits this passion for naturally propelling him into Engineering upon entering the University of Maryland. 

Another love of Travis's is teaching and mentoring others. This has proven to be a great benefit for Henry Adams as Travis is always willing to mentor new employees on our software systems. It seems fitting that the projects that Travis loves the most are the ones that require unique solutions as his love for details and problem-solving are much-needed qualities, especially on highly complex jobs. For this reason, Travis has enjoyed working on the phased project at the Rod n' Reel in Chesapeake Beach, MD. The project includes three phases with the facility remaining operational throughout the renovations. Travis enjoys the complexity of ensuring that the power infrastructure remains intact while construction ensues.

Travis takes great pride in his design presentation and embraces the unique challenges that each project presents. Henry Adams is thrilled to have engineers like Travis, as our employees are the backbone of our organization and a big part of the reason we have been engineering for 125 years!