Elizabeth Petrides Celebrates 48 Years!

26 April 2023

Elizabeth Petrides walked into Henry Adams Consulting Engineers in September of 1974 after responding to a newspaper ad for a receptionist. The next day she received a call that she was hired and quickly started her job. Elizabeth never imagined that job would span almost five decades and counting! If you have visited our office, or called in the past 48 years, then you know her welcoming face on the other side of the door or her kind voice on the other side of the phone! When asked what has kept her at HENRY ADAMS all these years, she said the work and the amazing people she has met along the way!

Elizabeth has seen many changes over the years, and many people come and go. The biggest change, of course, has been the introduction of technology. She was given a typing test during her interview to ensure that she could keep up with all the correspondence at the busy engineering firm. In those days, all the specifications and drawing notes were written by hand and then typed up by the secretaries.

Elizabeth has enjoyed working at Henry Adams and meeting so many disciplined, motivated engineers over the years and assisting them in the tasks needed to complete their projects. She has assisted on projects as far away as Saudi Arabia, but being a Baltimorean, it’s those hometown projects that have always held a special place for her. She loves knowing that HENRY ADAMS has done the MEP/FP designs for various iconic Baltimore/ Washington landmarks such as the Baltimore Convention Center, the Washington Convention Center, Johns Hopkins, Fort McHenry, The Hippodrome, The Hampton Mansion, and The Smithsonian Institution.  Henry Adams has also performed work in many other local hospitals, schools, and universities. One fond memory that Elizabeth has is when the Henry Adams team toured the Hippodrome before the official re-opening in 2004.

Elizabeth loves working for a company with 125 years of honest, reputable work. Elizabeth has seen a lot of changes in the engineering field and business in general, but she is still just as proud to work at Henry Adams as she was when she walked through the door 48 years ago.   

Henry Adams thanks Elizabeth for her welcoming demeanor and for always jumping in to assist, no matter how small or large the task is. You are a true gem, and we commend you for your 48 years of dedication and loyalty to our Henry Adams team.