• Henry Adams continues to complete a number of higher-education projects, including the University of Maryland Baltimore SMC Campus Center and Bowie State University Student Center. A focus on infrastructure improvement leads to significant projects including a new emergency standby generation plant for Johns Hopkins Bayview campus.

  • The firm quickly recognizes the Building Information Modeling (BIM) revolution and adopts Revit as it's platform. It allows representation of structures beyond virtual 3D models. Digital representation has potential to include 4D, 5D, and beyond by incorporating manufacturer data, cost data, construction sequencing data, and more. Models can be used to improve construction management, facility maintenance and operation, and anything else a team can envision.

  • For over 100 years our firm has helped clients meet their challenges. Our progressive attitude, collaborative approach, and ability to customize solutions results in unparalleled value. Still, as we adapt to meet an ever changing industry, our future...is under construction.