• Henry Adams completes Hutzler’s first downtown Baltimore department store in 1930 and begins a relationship that lasts over fifty years. A retail innovator, Hutzler’s is develops the “one price” policy that replaced haggling and employs a liberal “return” policy.

  • The decade of the Great Depression still sees notable architectural and engineering achievements like the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge. Henry Adams completes Patterson Park High School and a major addition to Baltimore’s Polytechnic School. Henry Adams incorporates in 1930 following the death of its founder.

  • Henry Adams completes a growing variety of projects for the 5th Regiment Armory in 1933, the Hopkins Club in 1936, Hagerstown City Hall and the Baltimore Municipal Airport in 1938, and the Appraisers Store Building in 1939.The firm helps Canada Dry go national with a Baltimore soda plant. To this day, the firm maintains a philosophy of handling a diverse array of projects.