Tysons II, Building C

Henry Adams designed the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for this 13-story building with basement and penthouse. The building is 300,000 SF with a 5-story, 400,000 SF, 1170- car, secure parking garage. The 2-story lobby features a 100-foot fountain with cascading pools and ornamental plantings. There are two cooling towers on the roof that provide condenser water to one 65-ton air handling unit per floor. Water is pumped from the cooling tower to a plate heat exchanger and then pumped from the heat exchanger to each air handling unit through a set of risers in the building. Air is supplied by the variable air volume air handling unit on each floor to perimeter fan powered terminal and interior variable air volume terminals. All heating is done by electric reheat coils in the perimeter fan-powered terminals.  Domestic hot water heaters are provided for each zone. There are connections and wet stacks for future tenant plumbing for each floor. A fire pump serves the sprinkler and standpipe system. A domestic water booster pump provides water to each floor. There are three domestic water zones in the building to control the pressure. Fire alarm system is ADA and NFPA compliant. A stair pressurization system prevents smoke entering each stair. Fire alarm is designed to meet NFPA 101 High Rise Codes including Fire Command Center with remote transponder panels for every third floor. Fire Command Center included air handling control, and stairwell pressurization control panels. Elevator status and recall panels, LED graphic annunciator panel, and a complete firemans telephone system were also included. The entire building use voice evacuation and visual strobe alarms, both NFPA and ADA requirements. The automatic controls are direct digital with communications to the Owner’s other buildings.

Additional Information:

LocationMcLean, VA
Construction Value $30,500,000
OwnerLerner Enterprises
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